Aaron Kirby

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Aaron Kirby is a Michigan native with over 20 years experience in feature films. His love for drawing and film making brought him to UCLA after graduating from Michigan State University with a BA in advertising and graphic art. While pursuing his masters in film, Aaron was given the opportunity to pursue his dream and work at Turner Feature Animation. He spent the next two decades working as a 2D and 3D animator, character designer, and story artist for most of the feature animation studios. He was part of the first crew at DreamWorks Animation where he developed and honed his illustrative style that soon after started getting him attention from industry insiders and small gallery owners. He has also worked for Disney, Warner Brothers, Duncan Studio, Starz, Blue Sky and Reel FX. Aaron now paints both traditionally and digitally keeping up with the changing times, but his work still beckons back to the style and feeling of the atomic lifestyle of midcentury America. While he still works as a freelance artist for the studios, he has had the opportunity to illustrate for books, Christmas cards,advertisements and magazines and was recently featured in an article by People magazine. His retro pin ups have become extremely popular and they will soon be featured on a line of shaving soaps, wine bottles, dish soap, and in 2017 a clothing line featuring his winter pin ups will be released . His work has been shown in various galleries in Los Angeles and New York and is in the private collections of Hollywood celebrities.