Apooka and Friends!

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun


Guest Bio

Mike Roll is a comic artist and illustrator from the Detroit, Michigan area. He’s best known for his adorably-gruesome “Apooka” series of children friendly comics chronicling the life (death?) of an endearing, cute-as-a-button zombie child.

Emily Zelasko is a Metro Detroit artist who creates comics and illustrations. Many of my comics are stand-alone slightly fantastical /Sci-Fi stories that deal with peculiar adventure, a bit of reflection and hopefully growth. Stories vary from an old man who answers his calling for an adventure (“Old Man Dog and the Ocean”), to a dog whose head explodes into a galaxy and the owner who needs to fix it (“Something Something Adam”) and more. I am also the cartoonist for the quirky paranormal investigator miniseries “Rainbow Sprinkle-Slime” written by Tony Saylor.

Joe Foo is a fantastic artist whose works include: Desmond’s Comic and Rob Worley’s Scratch 9.

Mat Roll is the author of the science fiction novel series Jupiter 7 and manga artist.