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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

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It has been 30 years since Arrow Comics published its first title Tales From The Aniverse, by Randy Zimmerman and Susan Van Camp. The company followed up with genre-defining titles The Realm and Deadworld. Since those days, Arrow alumni have gone on to work for Marvel, DC, Image and other companies; produce art for album covers and children’s books; and even create storyboards for Hollywood blockbusters.

To celebrate thirty years of artwork, original publishers Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr have brought a group of Arrow creators together for a special appearance at the Motor City Comic Convention. “Motor City is the appropriate venue for this event,” said Kerr, former Editor-in-Chief of the Arrow line, “because Arrow made regular appearances at the show over a period of many years, and we’re all Michigan folks.” Appearing at the Arrow booth will be Vince Locke (Deadworld); Randy Zimmerman (Aniverse); Sandy Schreiber (The Realm); Mark Bloodworth (Nightstreets); Ralph Griffith (The Realm and System Seven); and Stuart Kerr (The Realm and Deadworld).

Commemorating this gathering, the convention exclusive Retrospective: 30 Years of Arrow Comics will be available in several versions, all bearing the Motor City logo. A limited edition of 25 copies will be numbered and signed by all of the creators. The retrospective will feature samples of art from both Fantastic Fanzine and the early Arrow Comics titles, including some never printed and rare items from the “Arrow Memory Box”.

There will be sketch cover versions available as well.


Stop by the Arrow Comics booth to meet and greet the Arrow Comics

creators, get a con sketch, or just reminisce with some old school

players from the black and white comics scene.