Arvell Jones

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

Pre-Show Commissions: #

Onsite Sketches: #

Guest Bio

Arvell Malcolm Jones, a Detroit native, has been drawing comics for a long time, his earliest works appear in Marvel Comics’ Marvel Premiere #20-22 (Jan.-May 1975), drawing the martial arts superhero Iron Fist. He’s drawn for Marvel titles such as Iron Man, Luke Cage, Avengers, and Daredevil. Jones worked on the DC Comics series All-Star Squadron in the mid-1980s, penciling the majority of the issues released between 1985 and 1987. After leaving the comics field for several years to work in television. He returned in 1994 to provide pencils on the DC Comics/Milestone Media series Kobalt.
Arvell is also credited with co creating ( along with writer Tony Isabella ) the Marvel and soon to be Netflix superhero Misty Knight !!
Interested in a commission. If you wish to have original artwork from Arvell Jones please write for more information.