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I fell in love with taking pictures when I was pretty young and someone gave me a miniature camera that was literally the size of the film you put in it, after that I was hooked!  Never far from a camera (usually hidden up my sleeve spy-style) I really liked the idea of documenting things around me.  I am complete crap at writing in a journal but look at my years of photos and you will definitely see a narrative of events in my life.
My photography has certainly changed over the years, I have spent many years working as an independent product, wedding, baby, portrait, pet, newspaper and a music loving band photographer!  Slowly searching my way through what photography would eventually be to me.
These days I think I have finally found my photographic happy place, here in this little niche where my love of toys and taking photos makes sense and work so nicely together.
I really just like making stuff that looks cool.  A lot of my subjects are recognizable (if not oddball) toys from the past so when someone steps into my booth at a festival and sees something they use to play with when they were young they instantly get a giant grin on their face.  My hope is that I am bringing these pieces back to life for them and in a way that would be suitably cool for them to display now.
I enjoy having to scoot up close to an object to really see the details and for this, toys work wonderfully.  I like feeling like what I am looking at, even if it is plastic, has life behind it’s eyes.
I feel lucky, I mean really, what other job is there where people just stand around and smile at your work…and hey, sometimes they even buy it!