Caleb King

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Caleb King (Surreality, Verse/Chorus, Cradle, Spark) is a writer and illustrator who makes his home in Joliet, Illinois. His comic book credits include his creator owned projects Surreality, Verse/Chorus, and Cradle. He also contributed heavily to the independent comic Spark. His ongoing web-comic Surreality is about slacker barista girl Sydney, who escapes into daydreams to avoid responsibility, but is forced to confront her personal demons when her corpse-like subconscious begins to haunt her. His newest project Verse/Chorus ​tells the story of an 80’s rock band that strikes a deal with a demon known as The Lady in Red for fame and fortune, only to lose everything as quickly as it came in bizarre, and horrifying ways. His upcoming project Cradle details the end of human kind on a desolate, and ruined planet in the distant future. Caleb’s illustrations focus on minimalist ideas, and pop-culture icons. By using watercolor to bring both tightly rendered objects and innate chaos, he is able to use this beautiful medium to bring to life his own creations, and those iconic characters we all recognize. His clients include Marvel, Fleer, Upper Deck, and PBS to name just a few. He was educated at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration. He travels extensively throughout the United States exhibiting his his work, and telling stories. ​