Caleb King

Guest Info

Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

Pre-Show Commissions: Starting at $50  (Same for On-Site Commissions)

Onsite Sketches: #

Guest Bio

Caleb King (Surreality) is a writer and illustrator who makes his home in Joliet, Illinois. His web-comic Surreality is about slacker girl Sydney who escapes into daydreams to avoid responsibility, but is forced to find her own path towards maturity when her corpse-like subconscious begins to haunt her. Witty, dark, sexy, and injected with a cast of characters straight out of our own lives, Surreality kicks us in the gut and forces us to admit that real life is for suckers. Caleb’s illustrations focus on minimalist ideas, and pop-culture icons. By using watercolor to bring both tightly rendered objects and innate chaos, he is able to use this beautiful medium to bring to life his own creations, and those iconic characters we all recognize. He was educated at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration. He travels extensively throughout the United States exhibiting his his work, and telling stories. ​ He’s a fairly nice guy.