Christina L. Barr

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

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Guest Bio

Christina L. Barr was raised to literally believe that anything is possible, and through her faith, sheer determination, and overly active imagination, she has achieved an incredible amount of feats in her 26 years of life. Christina has the goal of completing 30 books by the time she celebrates her 30th Birthday. So far, she has nine published titles through her indie company, Ninja Dust Publishing, but has 15 completed works. She writes children’s books, middle grade, young and new adult fiction novels. Genres include contemporary fantasy, historical fiction, horror, humor, action/adventure, and romance. All of her titles have strong characterization and focus on the struggle of Good vs Evil. She was born and raised in Pontiac and moved out to Davisburg when she was in middle school. She graduated in the top ten of her class at Holly High School and briefly attended College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Christina built up an impressive resume by co-founding The Gorgeous Geeks with her two older sisters, working through her father’s ministry, and designing graphics for her own books. In 2014, she ran for State Representative and U.S. Congress in the same year. She is currently the Director for the Michigan Republican Party. She is also a singer/songwriter and is in a gospel group with three of her six siblings. Christina also enjoys traveling to schools and teaching students how to achieve their writing dreams. She currently resides back in her hometown.