Darrin Brege

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Darrin Brege is an illustrator, creative director, voice over artist, comic and public speaker. He currently is employed full-time as a VP and creative director for the promotional agency Helloworld, where he creates print and multi-media pieces for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and manages a team of artists. Brege is the artist for all of the Mick Morris Myth Solver series books and the Ghost Board Posse series books. He also co-wrote and illustrated the Sketch the Myths Sketchbook and illustrated the Monsters First Day at School picture book. Darrin attended animation school in Southern California and has a Bachelor of Arts from Albion College. He has also created original characters and animations for Warner Brothers (Space Jam), for Hasbro (Tonka Joe Multimedia line), HBO, and Disney (he designed the Disney Rewards Logo). He has recently produced work for Microsoft xbox, AT&T, Nathan’s Famous, Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Hasbro. Darrin created numerous Lucasfilm LTD approved artwork and jersey designs for multiple sports teams including Team USA Hockey’s Star Wars night, as well as Star Wars t-shirt designs, artwork for the 501st and charity venues. Brege had a long career as a comedic voice impressionist for radio, and with over 30 voice impersonations he does commercial voice-overs. His impressions can also be found on many computer games for Hasbro, Universal, and Disney Interactive. Happily married to Karen, he is also a member of her improvisational comedy troupe. They love to laugh, and he is proud to be the father of a very talented son named Mick, the namesake of their book series.