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I started sewing costumes approximately 10 years ago when my daughter couldn't find a "Corpse Bride" costume that was close enough to the character. I then started to sew one costume a year for myself and my horse for an annual Halloween ride with "Horses for Hope".  My starting influence for costume making for business was ABC "Once Upon A Time". Beautiful costumes and I wanted to make one!  I have had some international sales. One of the costumes that I made  "Once Upon A Time" "Snow" was sold to a young lady in Switzerland.  
  Many of the full length costumes that I make require many yards of fabric along with many hours to make. Most full length costumes also have some kind of lining which also adds to the fabric needed and the time spent on the costume. Full length, lined costumes average range from 300.00 to 500.00 with some being more. I have just started to make a few anime costumes (less fabric and time) so that I can offer more costumes with a economical price range. Most of the costumes that I have concentrated on are Renaissance style including pirate coats that I make of more authentic type fabric (Linen and Cotton). I also concentrate on character/cosplay costumes. I do accept custom orders but am unable to take any custom orders from March 15 to July of this year.