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Fantastic Storytyme

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

Pre-Show Commissions: #

Onsite Sketches: #

Guest Bio

Kevin Leen began freelance illustration several years ago. His work has appeared in independent comics, fantasy game publications and collectable card games. He regularly attends comic book conventions across the Midwest. Kevin has produced several original sketch cards for Breygent Marketing’s Golden Age Heroes and Villains and Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Movie Posters card sets as well as Chakan:The Hundred Candles:Day of the Dragon, currently available through RAK Graphics.com. Kevin has partnered with Brett Pinson of www.brettpinson.com and have lauched Fantastic Storytyme Entertainment. Their first title, Fantastic Storytyme Presents:”zombies, dinosaurs, flying saucers” is coming soon. Visit Kevin at Leenink.com for more information and commission requests.