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In STAR WARS: EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE Garrick Hagon plays Biggs Darklighter, Luke Skywalker’s old friend RED THREE, one of the best X-wing pilots of the rebel alliance.
Garrick’s most recent film role was as Cy Wilson in SPY GAME with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, directed by Tony Scott. Last year he filmed THE FOURTH ANGEL with Jeremy Irons and THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS directed by Alfonso Arau. In Xie Jin’s Chinese epic, THE OPIUM WAR, he was Father Loughton. Garrick’s first film role was as Eros in Charlton Heston’s ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. He went on to star in Marvin Lichtner’s SOME KIND OF HERO, a feature film about a deserter from the Viet Nam war.
Other films have included: CRY FREEDOM, A BRIDGE TOO FAR, and THE MESSAGE, in which he starred with Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas. One of his favorite film experiences was the night he filmed the first scene of Tim Burton’s BATMAN playing the father (along with his real-life wife, actress Liza Ross, as the mother, lost with their son in Gotham City.) Garrick acted with Angela Lansbury and Sir Laurence Olivier in the BBC TV drama, A TALENT FOR MURDER and in the HBO mini-series FATHERLAND; he played opposite Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson. Garrick’s love of sci-fi started with his first British TV role as Ky in the DR. WHO series THE MUTANTS. On CBC-TV in Canada, Garrick had a long run as a presenter of a weekly magazine program and starred in over 20 TV dramas, winning a best supporting actor award in 1985.  Garrick writes and directs for his own audio cassette company, THE STORY CIRCLE, whose production of Philip Pullman’s HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy has won five APA AUDIE AWARDS. Garrick recently played George Washington in the BBC/PBS documentary, BROTHERS AT WAR and will play Klaus Fuchs in the upcoming BBC drama CAMBRIDGE SPIES.

Most recently Garrick played (voice and action)  Dr. Henry Adams who descends into lethal madness in Rocksteady’s latest video game: Batman: Arkham Knight’.