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Graham McTavish began his career in London, appearing in projects as varied as the cult hit RED DWARF, Brian Blessed’s KING LEAR and the co-production miniseries EMPIRE. At the same time, Graham appeared in leading roles in prestigious UK theatres: from the Royal Court and the National in London to the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh. In 2008, Graham moved to the United States.

One week after arriving in Los Angeles, Graham McTavish landed a leading role opposite Sylvester Stallone in the Millennium Films/Nu Image production of RAMBO. Since then, McTavish has worked non-stop in a diverse array of roles on television, including the nefarious Russian Diplomat Mikhail Novakovich on the final season of 24.

Graham developed quite a fan base with his voice performance as Dante Aligheri in the recent animated film and video game of the same name, DANTE’S INFERNO, and has also provided the voice of Loki for WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN and HULK VS THOR, the AVENGERS.

After back to back leading roles in the feature films GREEN STREET 2: STAND YOUR GROUND for Oddlot and THE WICKER TREE, the long awaited sequel to THE WICKER MAN, Graham took the role of Carl Hatton in SECRETARIAT with Diane Lane. Graham is also featured in the Paramount release, MIDDLE MEN, with James Caan and Giovanni Ribisi. Upcoming, Graham can be seen in the Oliver Megaton feature, COLUMBIANA.

Graham can be seen as “Dwalin” in Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT  and as “Dougal MacKenzie”  in the hit TV series Outlander.