Gustavo Vazquez

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Guest Bio

Gus Vazquez is an illustrator who has worked in nearly every field including comic books, trading cards, storyboarding for
music videos, commercials, animation and film, logo design, character and toy design, and more.  He started his career in
comic books working as an assistant on X-Force, and Kevin McGuire on Trinity Angels.

He got his first solo gig at Marvel Comics drawing the covers and interiors for Gunfire and Big Hero 6, the series that
introduced the characters which would be featured in Disney’s Oscar winning Big Hero 6.  He has worked on Marvel titles
such as Deadpool, X-Force, Spider-Man, What If? Civil War, What If? Back in Black, The Official Handbook if the Marvel
Universe, and more.  For DC, he has worked on such titles as Green Lantern, JLA, Blue Beetle, and most recently on Flash
and Suicide Squad.  Gus was the artist on several issues of Claudio Sanchez’s (of Coheed and Cambria) “The Amory Wars”.
As well, he was instrumental in helping bring together the team and was a large part of development for 12 Gauge’s “The O.
C.T.” with his friends David Atchison (writer) and Tony Shasteen (illustrator), and his niece, film and tv actress Rosario

He has also worked in the trading card industry, drawing for Marvel, Topps, and DC.  In the toy industry, he designed toys
and statues for Art Asylum, which created the Mini-Mates line.  Gus has also had two “How to Draw” books published. “How
To Draw Sexy Women”, featuring several artists (including Buzz), and “Gus Vazquez Presents: The Art of Drawing Women”.
Unfortunately, both of these books are out of print and difficult to find.  He is working on a third training book, more geared
towards drawing figures for comic books.

In animation, he was a storyboard artist on TMNT, Polly Pocket, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., AOL’s S.K.W.O.D., and
Black Dynamite, and character design on the Boondocks Saints.  He has worked on music videos for the likes of Nelly
Furtado, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, and more.  He storyboarded commercials for Norton Antivirus, Newcastle Beer, Final
Destination Kung Fu Panda, the Super Bowl and many more.

Currently, he is working for DC Comics and on his own comic, Fang, which will be released in the near future, as well as
producing for film and television.