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Friday 2pm – Speaker Room 1

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Ilan Mitchell-Smith is an American academic and former actor best known as the co-star of the film Weird Science (1985).

Mitchell-Smith’s film career began in 1983 at age 14 when he played a younger version of the title character in Sidney Lumet‘s Daniel. After a starring role in the 1984 film The Wild Life, he was cast as Wyatt Donnelly in the 1985 teen classic Weird Science by writer/director John Hughes. The film focuses on two nerdy teenage boys who create a woman of their own (played by Kelly LeBrock) as they are unable to find girlfriends.

Mitchell-Smith starred in several other films and TV series, most notably The Chocolate War and Superboy. Recently Mitchell-Smith has done select voice over work (recording for two episodes — “Moon Warriors” and “Heads Will Roll” — of Fox ADHD’s “Axe Cop”).

Mitchell-Smith received his BA in Medieval Studies from UC Davis and his MA in Medieval Studies from Fordham University. He received a doctoral degree from Texas A&M University in 2005, and he is currently an associate professor in the English department at California State University, Long Beach. Mitchell-Smith publishes on chivalry in the later Middle Ages, and he also publishes on cinematic, television, and video game versions of medieval culture

Ilan Mitchell Smith is a Special Guest Game Master for a D&D game or other role-playing games (He can Gammaster any role-playing game out there), or would be a great Special Guest referee or Game Master or host for any “Miniatures Game,” like Warhammer, War Machine, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, etc., and his specialty is historical miniatures – where they recreate ancient battles and scenes from old stories with a miniature war-game.

Ilan Mitchell Smith has been a roleplayer/Dungeon Master, Miniatures gamer, and Indie/Boardgamer for 35 years, he has a PhD in Geek, and he regularly organizes games for local conventions here in SoCal, so he would be a good “celebrity guest” at any games-related Con, where he would be happy to participate and/or completely run any role-playing, miniatures