Jason Moore


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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

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Guest Bio

Jason’s early works include inking The Realm for Caliber Press, inking for Chaos! on Evil Ernie: Destroyer, Halloween II and Halloween III, Leatherface for NorthStar; many titles for Malibu Comics/Ultraverse such as Rune, Mantra, Codename: FireArm, The Exiles and more. The comic adaption of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film Sleepy Hollow, Batman: Haunted Gotham, and The Crusades all published by DC/Vertigo Comics. Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal, Incredible Hulk and other titles for Marvel Comics. Long before The Walking Dead and Zombie craze that is everywhere these days, Jason was the artist for the early 1990s Arrow Comics title The Dead which was featured in Fangoria Magazine and was banned in Canada and the U.K.! Jason’s newest project is his very first children’s book that he illustrated which was written by legendary Hall of Fame boxing Champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler and co-written by Dustin Warburton. Released in December 2015, the book is called “Lost Wings” and can be purchased online at amazon.com. Be sure to order your copy before the show. If you bring your copy to the show, Jason will sign the book for you and also draw a free pencil head sketch of the book’s main character on the inside front cover! He also created the movie poster artwork for the upcoming documentary Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – http://heman.fauxpop.com/ A list of Jason’s work can be found here: http://www.comicvine.com/jason-moore/4040-25910/issues-cover/