Jay P. Fosgitt

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun


Guest Bio

Jay P. Fosgitt has worked in comics since 2006, beginning with work on cartoonist Dave Alvarez’s YENNY (Alias Comics). In the years following, Jay has drawn for many recognized properties, such as SESAME STREET and DREAMWORKS ANIMATION MAGAZINE (Ape Entertainment), MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. Joe/MICRONAUTS and POPEYE (IDW), ADVENTURE TIME, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, and JIM HENSON’S LABYRINTH (Boom), BETTY AND VERONICA and LITTLE SABRINA (Archie), and ROCKET RACCOON AND GROOT, AVENGERS, GWENPOOL, WEB WARRIORS, CHAMPIONS, DEADPOOL and JESSICA JONES(Marvel). Jay has also written and drawn his creator-owned titles DEAD DUCK AND ZOMBIE CHICK (Source Point Press), NECRONOMICOMICS (Rue Morgue Magazine)and his all-ages comic BODIE TROLL, which will be published by Boom in 2017. Jay is also a member of The National Cartoonists Society.