Josh Warner

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Joshua Warner– is a professional comic book artist and cartoonist currently inking G.I. Joe (Fun Publications) and completing issue #15 in his highly acclaimed series Moos Miht: The Adventures of Mighty Moose. His credits include such titles as penciling and inking on Sundragon Comics’ The Mighty 1, Arrow Comics’ Wild Planet, and Fun Publications’ GI Joe vs. Cobra. Josh has also served on inking duties for Fun Publications’ Transformers: Timelines and Savage Mind Comic Studio’s Scarlet Huntress. Josh is the creator, artist, and self-publisher of the critically praised comic book, MOOS MIHT: The Adventures of Mighty Moose which has two trade volumes and multiple issues. His other publishing projects include his anthology series Incessant Yarns, John Paul’s Soldiers and Team HALO8 (co-created with Marc Wolfe).