Ken Wheaton



Guest Info

Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

Pre-Show Commissions: #

Onsite Sketches: #

Guest Bio

Ken has worked on comics for Bongo, IDW, DC, Image, Moonstone, and Airwave. Most notably, he’s inked stories in Futurama, Bart Simpson Comics, Simpsons Winter Wing Ding, Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror and Radioactive Man. Other comic book work includes the Official Adaptation of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, and issues of I Dream of Jeannie, The Phantom, El Mucho Grande, Kolchak:The Night Stalker, and Buckaroo Banzai. He also drew a special commemorative premium comic celebrating the 80th birthday of cartoon icon Popeye, and drew several stories for IDW’s Popeye series. He was a contributing artist to the hardcover books C. Montgomery Burns’ Handbook Of World Domination and Bart Simpson’s Manual Of Mischief. He served as editor of Munster Memories: A Coffin Table Book with Butch Patrick, drew a variant cover for the first issue of IDW’s Back To The Future comic series, and is working on drawing an upcoming comic series, Aim For The Left.