Kyle Baker

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Cartoonist Kyle Baker has authored over 15 graphic novels and illustrated hundreds more in a career which extends over three decades long . His animation has appeared on MTV, SHOWTIME, DISNEY channels and CARTOON NETWORK. He has contributed as a writer and artist to shows such as PHINEAS AND FERB and LOONEY TUNES. He recently completed an ad campaign for NIKE featuring KEVIN DURANT. His cartoons have appeared in VIBE, THE NEW YORKER, SPIN, MAD, and numerous other magazines, including countless MARVEL and DC comics. Baker is the winner of 8 Eisner Awards, 4 Harvey Awards, and an lnkpot Award and Glyph Award, and others. A pioneer in the Graphic Novel format since the 1980’s, works such as NAT TURNER, WHY I HATE SATURN, and KING DAVID helped define and evolve the medium. In addition to licensing and products, his work now expands into digital realms with new apps, streaming animation, and game design.