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majaNATION is the brainchild of Jonathan Rosenbaum. It is a gathering of the ideas and illustrations under one umbrella. Jonathan was born at an early age and took to drawing soon after. At the age of four, when asked by his mother what he wanted to be he said, “either an artist or an elephant.” The elephant thing didn’t pan out so an artist it was. After years of drawing and growing up, he went to art school. By day Jonathan was an interactive designer, trying to integrate illustration where he could. But the man couldn’t bring him down and he continued to create. He wrote and illustrated a child friendly graphic novel about a dog detective on a case to find where all the missing cats went. He needed a cone to keep him from obsessing about his tail, but an obsessed detective is what was needed for the case. Jonathan also co wrote with his wife and illustrated a nocturnal fable based on the Tortoise and the Hare called, the ZomB and the VampR. About an arrogant Vampire that races a Zombie to fetch a camper. Jonathan has a slew of whimsical prints and artwork with mashups, crossovers and just odd stuff. Stop by and see what it’s all about.