Matthew Clark

Guest Info

Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

Pre-Show Commissions: 


11 X 17 DC illustration board. Single figure with background, traditional pen and ink. $350.00 for additional figures add $100.00 per figure.

Onsite Sketches: 


11 X 17 Single figure marker (warm and cool grays) minimal background element $250 (advance) at the show $300.


9 X12 head/bust shot is $80 for pencils $120 for inks $140 for markers.

Samples upon request.

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Guest Bio

Matthew has worked for DC COMICS and MARVEL COMICS on such titles as ADVENTURES of SUPERMAN, TEEN TITANS, the OUTSIDERS, SUPERMAN/BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN. He’d spent a year doing special projects for DC before taking on THE DOOM PATROL.. Clark co-created the book FELON with Greg Rucka which has something of a cult following. Currently doing a Batman Digital story, Arkham Knight Batgirl, a Batgirl/Harley Quinn one-shot as well as helping out on this years Superman Wonder Woman annual #2…… and a new project with Greg Rucka .

Signed a exclusive contract with MARVEL COMICS drawing GHOST RIDER, PUNISHER, he’s just wrapped up a fill-ins on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. and AVENGING SPIDER-MAN. Matthew has worked with the top writers in comics from Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and many others. His attention to detail has been a hallmark to his art.. Often during a series he’ll be requested to draw in different styles paying homage to other artist a great example is ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #638 the Calvin and Hobbes pastiche, still get great reviews. Currently working for Valiant, Legendary, DC, Upperdeck, Dark Horse…..its a wonder he sleeps…oh wait he doesn’t.

Like many people he’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media where he previews upcoming art he’s working on or just rambles on. Feel free to hit him up.

He is a native Oregonian living in downtown Portland, has coffee on Wednesdays with other local comic book creators, he co-founded Mercury Studio (now Periscope studio) listens to audio-books and old pulp serials