Mike Bocianowski

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

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Guest Bio

Enter the Omniverse, an unusual world with a talking Guinea Pig who is the captain of the great ship, Niagara, a feisty dog who is quite convinced that he is a Chihuahua (though no one knows where he got that idea), and the fantastic Yets, who come in many shapes and sizes. These Yets haven’t decided on the name of their species “yet” …but whatever you do DON’T CALL THEM DRAGONS (no matter what they look like)! Mike’s books have traveled to museums in Lubin Poland, his awards include the 2012 Arts-In-Education Award, awards for best black and white and most humorous at the DragonCon International Art Show from 2012 to 2014, and he was a featured artist on the PBS show “Egg” in 2001. Since the premiere in 2003, “YETS!” is distributed internationally and is creating quite a lot of interest from film studios such as David Stanley of Impello Entertainment. Mike was invited to become a staff instructor for animation and cartooning at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He is featured at art shows, and has lectured in San Diego CA, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte NC, Columbus OH, Detroit MI, Pittsburgh PA, and his hometown Erie Pennsylvania. Mike is currently a rostered teaching artist for the State of Pennsylvania. “..(Mike) reminds me most of the great Walt Kelly, who I consider the very best inker of the very best covers of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories….as well as creator of the classic strip Pogo.” “… and I like to think I know a great cartoonist when I see one.” — Patrick Block, Donald Duck artist for Disney Comics