Mindy Indy

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun


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Mindy Indy used to attend MCCC shows for fun as a teen and now she exhibits as a comic professional! she is a native Michigander who currently lives in NYC.At her table she draw’s custom sketches of portraits, pets, characters, and anything else. You can check out her newest comic “Apartment Hunt,” and mini comics of “The Misfortune Cookie,” “The Lucky Penny,” “Dog Vs. Balloon Dog,” and more! Her comics are pretty quirky, as is her personality. she also draw’s custom comics, which are great for weddings, birthdays, or just fun gifts! She used to be Kyle Baker’s assistant coloring Marvel’s “Deadpool Max.” She was also a colorist for Power Rangers graphic novels by Papercutz, and is currently coloring some Thea Stilton books. She also pencils, inks, and colors a weekly awareness comic strip about a rare disease for the Dysautonomia Foundation called “No Tears: Life With FD,” running for 3 years. She’s been able to make a living solely as a freelance cartoonist for a few years now – feel free to ask her anything about it!