Nigel Sade



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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

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Guest Bio

Nigel Sade was born more or less at the beginning of his life, for what good that analogy does us. His life was a bit funky with the normal ebbs and flows you might expect from an artist such as him. Early days were pretty difficult, more emotional than the other kids, and he was not the most popular kid. He had a big family, along with the good and bad that comes from that! Teenage years were spent in crazed idealism and flawed logic! As a young man, he married the first girl that possibly admired him. He had two lovely children who are following in his artistic footsteps, Xavier, and shortly after, Aunastasia. Nigel went to school for Genetics, got a degree in Philosophy, and became an artist! Story as old as the hills! The marriage failed due to, “Massive mistake”! This seemed bad for a bit but led to the art you see today … So we call it a big win! The beginning of Nigel’s career as an artist was wild and fun and a little piratey! But that is what happens when you look like a hippy, wear a bandana all the time, a multinational blockbuster pirate movie is released, and your mom’s maiden name is Rogers. But he made do and made his logo like the rest of his family … The Jolly Roger. This as well as the Philosophical necessity and the crazy original nature of his art made for Success. Granted it was touch and go for a bit. Hard times, empty promises, bad Luck, horrible relationships and false friendships. But on the other side: Beautiful people, amazing friends, True Love and Hope for the Future! The end result was and is what you see today! Nigel’s Art is considered Symbolism. Symbolism is kind of like surrealism but without a reliance on dreams as the harbinger of the meanings. His influences range, but mostly it is a trinity of Dali, Degas, and Hieronymus Bosch … With of course Dali at the god spot. His Art is inspired by his life and Philosophies. Nigel takes the world as he sees it and finds a way to give that feeling to you, and along with a better way to understand your world. His art is meant to inspire conversation, not just match your curtains.