Peter Smith

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun


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Peter Smith is an Illustrator, Tattoo Artist, Writer – “The Force is strong with this one” Jump into Peter’s world of tattoo flash, comic book art, prints, t-shirts and illustrations. From his beginnings as an intern at Marvel Comics to Across the Pond Studios where he illustrated comic titles: “Across the Pond Presents” and “Government Bodies”. Now working on his very own “Screaming Tiki” and “Crimson Fable” Studios, Peter bends the imagination with his interpretations of “what is” and “what could be”. His unique ability to capture the essence of good and evil is astounding. See villains who can only thrive on the dark side of midnight – and heroes who could make a Sith Lord join the Avengers. He is currently illustrating and writing “Chronicles of Zelaria”, a comic novella that combines Sci-Fi, Steam Punk and Fairytales. He can also be found at Fine Ink Studios in Orlando, where he moonlights as a tattoo artist and flash illustrator.