RB White

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun


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RB White works professionally work in comic book/animation industry since 1989 in . As an illustrator/comic book artist he published 4 graphic novels in Europe in 1995-2001 . In 2012 he published his art book “Art of RB White ” followed by “Sketchbook 01” in 2014 and “Poison Heart ” in 2015 . He’s regular doing covers/interior illustrations for Zenescope publishing , Nyobi series , Penthouse magazine , Imagine FX ,Fantasy artist magazine and many more. As animation designer he worked for clients such as Disney TV, Universal Pictures, Hasbro ,Mattel , Discovery Kids,Nelvana,Nickelodeon , Guru studio. And beside all that work he’s also a part-time animation art college teacher .