Scott Hanna

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Appearing: Fri l Sat l Sun

Schedule: More information coming soon!

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Guest Bio

A top inker in the graphic novel industry, Scott Hanna has been drawing and inking comic books for 30 years. His work has been published in well over 100 graphic novels, and he’s inked almost 20,000 pages of graphic art.

At Marvel Comics, Scott’s worked on all the top characters at the company, including the Avengers, Spider-Man, IronMan, the X-Men and the Hulk. He’s drawn Spider-man for fifteen years, working on almost every title starring the wall-crawler.At DC Comics, he worked on most of their major titles, most notably a five year run on Detective Comics starring Batman, and Green Lantern Corps.Currently he is working on Wonder Woman, Superman; Lois and Clark, and Cyborg for DC Comics. and Web Warriors and Avengers Assemble for Marvel.

Scott received a total of five Inkwell Awards for “Favorite Inker”, “Most Adaptable Inker” and “Props Award”from 2010-2012, the 2005 Wizard Fan Award for “Best Inker” and the 2002 Eisner award for “Best Serialized Story” – Amazing Spider-Man #30-35: “Coming Home”. His work appeared in the Smithsonian’s 9/11 anniversary exhibit with artwork from the book HEROES. He had a one man show at the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield, MA ; the Art of Scott Hanna, and his art was featured in a 2010 exhibit at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC.