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Inkpot Award-winning and Eisner Award nominated artist Tim
Bradstreet is a self- taught illustrator/designer who’s career
spans the genre at large in the Role- Playing/Video Game,
Comic book, Book Publishing and Film Industries.
Bradstreet is primarily known for his work on White Wolf’s
Vampire: The Masquerade, and for his long tenures as cover
artist for The Punisher, The Punisher MAX, and John
Constantine: Hellblazer. He continues to be a “go-to” cover
artist with recent credits that include covers for the new series,
PESTILENCE (AfterShock), various cover assignments for
Marvel Comics, including frequent cover work for Marvel’s
Hip-Hop Variants. Other recent work includes series cover
artist for John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight, as well as
the Asylum series for Storm King.
Bradstreet partnered up with actor Thomas Jane in 2004 to
form RAW Studios|RAW Entertainment. Together they
create and develop projects for comics and film such as Bad
Planet (with Steve Niles), Alien Pig Farm 3000 (with Todd
Farmer), and The Lycan (With Mike Carey), and Alien Worlds
(with Bruce Jones).
On the film side, Tim has worked as a concept and graphic
designer (Blade II with Guillermo del Toro), a lead artist (Anne
Frank, The Punisher Extended Cut), an illustrator (AMC’s The
Walking Dead), and as a production/visual designer (Thomas
Jane’s Dark Country (2009), and A Magnificent Death From A
Shattered Hand – In development).
Bradstreet has over 30 years experience in comics and film as
an illustrator, graphic designer, lead artist, conceptual artist,
production designer, creative producer, and marketing