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Tony Todd is perhaps best known for his chilling portrayal in the title role of CANDYMAN. Since his film debut in the motion picture SLEEPWALK in 1986, followed almost immediately by a starring role in Oliver Stone’s Academy Award winning film, PLATOON. This charismatic six foot five-inch-tall actor has consistently turned in compelling performance after compelling performance. Tony has become a film icon in the horror and sci-fi realms starring in not only the CANDYMAN franchise, the HATCHET franchise, and also in the FINAL DESTINATION franchise of hit films. Films grossing more than $6 Billion at the box office worldwide have made the name Tony Todd box office gold. Tony has added his unique talents to the films TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, THE ROCK, THE CROW, LEAN ON ME, BIRD, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and THE SECRET from the award-winning team of Erick Zonka and Virginie Wagon (Dream Life of Angels). A few of the smaller gem films that Tony has starred in have been MANSFIELD 12, THE MAN FROM EARTH, A NIGHT AT THE BIJOU, CHANGING THE GAME, and starring and producing the cult classic SUSHI GIRL. Tony has recently completed starring in the films COLD DESCENT alongside Lance Henriksen, and renewed his relationship with CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose in the upcoming FRANKENSTEIN. Tony has also made his impact on television having starred recently as the Number 1 villain ‘Zoom’ on the hugely successful CW series THE FLASH. Tony has also made his presence felt on the hit CBS show HAWAII 5-0, and in the NBC series THE EVENT and recurred on two television series CHUCK for NBC and 24 for FBC. Some of Tony’s past guest starring TV appearances include MASTERS OF HORROR, CRIMINAL MINDS, WITHOUT A TRACE, BOSTON LEGAL, NYPD BLUE, BOSTON PUBLIC, SMALLVILLE, LAW AND ORDER, CROSSING JORDAN, HOMICIDE, XENA, HERCULES, THE X-FILES, ANDROMEDA, as well as recurring roles on all three incarnations of STAR TREK. Tony’s television movies include starring roles in TRUE WOMEN, THE BLACK FOX, BUTTER, THE LAST ELEPHANT, BABYLON 5: A CALL TO ARMS, and the UPCOMING CONTROL FACTOR, among others.