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Universe M Productions is comic book production studio made up of three brothers: Jake Minor, Kevin Minor and Matthew Minor. Most recently, Universe M has produced the 4 part series No Rest For the Wicked with Source Point Press.

Jake Minor has worked on a number of comics such as Captain Action, Lady Action, I.V. Frost, and Sheena for Moonstone comics. He is also a coveted sketch card artist working for companies like 5Finity, Cryptozoic, Rhittenhouse, Topps, and Upper Deck. He is currently the penciler for No Rest for the Wicked.

Matthew Minor is the utility infielder with the ability to cover pencils, inks, colors, writing, letters, layout, logos, web design, or pizza demolishing. He has also worked as a sketch card artist for 5Finity, Cryptozoic, Rhittenhouse, Topps, and Upper Deck. He co-wrote, lettered and formatted No Rest For the Wicked.

Kevin Minor writes, scripts, and edits Universe M stories with his brothers. He co-wrote No Rest for the Wicked, and worked as the colorist. He works on all of Universe M’s projects and other professional projects like Stoopid Stuf with Bruce Gerlach, and Katie Cook’s Gronk: A Monster’s Story web-comic.