Want to Exhibit?

Artist Alley and Crafter spaces are sold out! 

Artist Alley Table Registration & Contracts

Artist Alley tables are reserved for Comic Book Artists & Writers who will be selling their own work, such as prints, sketchbooks, original art, commissions, etc.
Option 1:  8 Foot Artist Alley Table with one (1) Artist/Creator – $325.00  This option is for one (1) Artist/Creator who receives one (1) Guest Badge. Tables are 8 ft and include two (2) chairs with each table purchased. Limit 2 tables.  Below are two payment options available, pay by credit (and PayPal) and pay by check.  Please Note:  Processing fees do apply when paying by Credit.
Option 2: 8 Foot Artist Alley Table with two (2) Artist/Creator – $425.00 This option is for two (2) Artists/Creators who receive (2) Guest Badges. Tables are 8 ft and include 2 chairs with each table purchased.Space behind tables varies from 3′-6′. Limit (2) Creators per 8 ft table. Groups of 3 must purchase 2 spaces.


Crafter Table Registration & Contracts

Crafter Tables are designated for individuals who produce a product related to the pop culture market that is not a comic book or a comic print. Examples include, but are not limited to, candles, dolls,  jewelry handmade clothing, etc.  Sales of merchandise, other than those produced by you are not permitted.
Option:  8 Foot Crafter Table with two (2) Exhibitor Badges: $500.00. Tables are 8 ft and include 2 chairs with each table purchased. Space behind tables varies from 3′-6′.  Purchase limited to two tables.  Please note that there is a processing fee charged if paying by Credit.

Exhibitor Booth Registration & Contracts

Exhibitor Booths are typically reserved for individuals or vendors who sell third party items such as, comic books, toys, clothing, jewelry, etc…

Exhibitor Registration for returning 2018 dealers opens on January 20th, 2018 & New Exhibitor Registration will open on February 20th, 2018.     

To register and pay by PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD, click the button below:

You can also Register the ole’ fashioned way by downloading the
Exhibitor Registration Forms here: