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Are you looking to stand out from the crowd at your next soiree? Or maybe you just want to spice up your everyday attire with something that you can’t find at the corner market? Are you tired of the wares that are offered in your locale? Wholihan’s Wares is the solution for you! Madame Valencia Valentine and Sir Bule Valentine III have made it their personal mission to acquire a variety of wares from across time and space to satisfy your curiosities and needs! They travel to far-off lands to gather their materials, and piece them together to make specialty wares just for you! From hand cast resin neck accessories to rings made extravagant from everyday materials, Wholihan’s Wares has what you need to spice up a night out or to make your next gala the talk of the town! Who doesn’t love an interesting finger adornment? Wholihan’s Wares handmade rings are pieced together from antiqued parts to common use materials that are no longer being used in their customary way! And who doesn’t love sporting their favorite fandoms for everyone to see? From Firefly to Batman to that extraordinary Doctor, we’ve got hand crafted baubles to make everyone’s favorite’s proud! Don’t see something in our inventory that tantalizes your fancies? Wholihan’s Wares also makes custom pieces designed to your specifications, where you are involved and sign off on each step of the process! Simply contact us with your idea, and we will work to make sure that you love your custom item! Whether loud and proud or simple and sleek is your style, we have something for everyone to enjoy!