Who’s Who at MCCC

Michael Goldman
Convention Promoter

Marilyn Goldman
Guest Hospitality Director

Julie Goldman
Check-In Director

Denny Lau
Convention Staff

Miriam Kruger
Executive Director

Liz Allen
Guest Liaison

Frank Verd
Chief of Security

Kelly Knickerbocker
Volunteer Manager

In Memory of Art Goldman

Always with us in spirit

Additional Convention Staff:
Adam Tornow
Andrea Edelstein
Chad Pounders
Chris Dybowski
Denise Ling
Emily Verdi
Hawkeye O’Saben
Jan Flores
Kevin Prather
Mitch Ginsburg
Molly Goldman
Peter Ianucci
Scott Lobdell
Sean Murphy
Teresa Murphy
Terry Williams
Troy Pounders
Vivian Lobdell

Other Fabulous Members of the Motor City Team:

Public Relations & Press Liaison
CKC Agency

The Web Guy
Keith Hearn of Finepoint Design